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Top Dutch Solar Racing op de Promotiedagen

Donderdag 3 november

Who are we?

We are Top Dutch Solar Racing, a driven student team from Groningen. What makes us unique is the fact that we are the only team in the Netherlands whose members come from different levels of education (MBO, HBO, WO). Together e are building a solar-powered car from scratch.

Why do we do this?

By building a solar car, we strive to contribute to the current innovation regarding sustainable mobility. Besides driving technological developments, our team members get the chance to develop into professionals in (and beyond) their fields of studies. The theoretical knowledge we gain during our studies can be applied during this project.

Additionally, we aim at uniting not only students from different levels of education, but also stakeholders from the Northern provinces. We are stronger as a team, that is why we value and nurture everyone’s unique abilities and skills.

What have we achieved so far?

In 2019, we participated in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia for the first time. This race led us 3000km through Australian Outback. Ultimately, we finished 4th as best Dutch team and won the Excellence in Engineering Award. In addition, we finished 3rd in the European solar challenge in 2020 and we took the  track record and pole position to our name. Our second car, green spirit, also achieved good results: not only a fourth place in the Moroccan solar challenge 2021, but also the best brake test, fastest slalom, figure 8 and again we took pole position.

In our latest participation in iESC (iLumen European Solar Challenge) 2022 we finished 5th having had the 2nd best points during scrutineering.

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